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To track phones of Verizon Communications Inc. is same as tracking the location of other mobile phones. Verizon Communications Inc. is an American telecommunication company that provides broadband services, and manufactures various wireless products. Almost all the Verizon wireless cellphones have the built-in global positioning systems (GPS) feature that helps track phones very accurately, at any location.

Track Phones3 300x196 Track Phones – Track Verizon PhonesIn the age of digitization, various technologies are growing and introduced rapidly with enhanced, better, and utmost security features. Many technologies are also developed nowadays to track phones. The devices based on these technologies are getting cheaper day-by-day. Cell phone is the device that is used widely and by the people of all ages nowadays. These cell phones come with the various applications and features integrated in them. One such feature is Global Positioning System (GPS) that is used to track phones.

GPS enabled devices allow users to track phones, or identify the exact location of a mobile phone from the computer. To accomplish this task, GPS technology uses various satellites that revolve round the Earth. These satellites transmit signals to the equipment attached to the ground. These signals are then received by the GPS receivers. Some manufacturers of mobile phones have this service enabled by default, whereas in some cell phones this service can only be enabled by calling at the toll-free number of the company.

To track phones, Verizon offers an integrated cell phone service that can be used to track the location of the Verizon phone through GPS. Service that Verizon offers to its customers to track phones is known as family locator, which is an enhanced version of Verizon chaperone. This service is quite handy for the parents who want to track phones of their kids that have Verizon cell phone. Family locator service must be installed on each cellphone of the kids to locate them. To use this service they must logon to family locator service from the Internet. In order to track phones of Verizon, steps given below must be followed:

User must have a registered account. If not, the user must create a new account.

Sign in to Verizon family locator website.

To track phones, provide the cellphone information for which location services is to be enabled, and specify the phone that is to be used for tracking the location.

To start track phones, select the cellphone whose location is to be tracked.

Once selected, Verizon family locator automatically displays the current location of the mobile on the maps within seconds.

Track phones using family locator service is a simple and secure method in which Verizon wireless device or the Internet is used to identify the cell phone location. Other mobile tracking application such as Google Latitude can also be used to track phones of Verizon. Verizon family locator service provides the detailed location of family members on a map so that parents can track phones of their kids whether they are at schools, or at their friends’ homes.

To make track phones more convenient, Verizon wireless can send scheduled updates to multiple family members.

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